Friday, May 11, 2018

non chronological report

The wheel shoe  is a awesome shoe. It was designed by me 100 children from costa rica  were asked to do a 4 month trial for 4 mouths. The is a shoe designed for travel for to and from school
Price and Materials
The shoe is made out of crocodile skin and on the inside it is the fur from a mountain lion.The shoes will be sold in shops for $100000000000000000000000 billion dollars.At this price people will/will not want to buy them because it is priceless if it to 10c people would buy it but crocodile skin  and mountain lion skin it is 100000000000000000000

It is a unique shoe because it goes 50- 60 mils per

This is important to the shoe because it helps if you are in a supermarket

If people's feet are sore and it is comfortable and useful.conclusion The wheel shoe  can be summed up in one word, awesome

100% of the children who trialled the shoe say it is fabulous and would buy it and it is a cool shoe and it has been a lovely time to write this is amazing and i think it is amazing to buy and she you next time on the shopping channel .

this is my non chronological report can i have some feedback thank you
we have been learning about non fiction this year i have learnt about so much more about life
i found the writeing about things i have improved my writing 

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