Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Dinosaur Reward!

                                today I got a reward because i was extremely polite and waited                                                                 patiently when lisa came to get us for steps and I got started on
                                steps and I got two hero cards on tusday. and today I maded this
                                 on Is a stegosaurus and the other one Is a t-rex and maybe I will built
                                 the t-rex at steps today.

Monday, August 14, 2017


this is my timetable and the bottom there is cantamath and  tuhi mai tuhi atu and assembaly and winter sport my goals are at the top  my goal is to get 100 mins of math whizz and to foucs on my work  my goal is not to punch and khik and to tell the techer if there is a problem My priority this week is: math whizz   I will help myself by: focus on math whizz My teacher/peers could help me by: not to geve me anger  

Monday, July 24, 2017

school holidays

In the holidays I went to megen'.and we went to the botanical gardens and did the very hungery catopiler triel and we meet.anather megen. and brin and dru andIsaac and ben. and then we finished the catopiler trail we went to the museum. and we saw the  dinosaur room and all the other room like the antacdac room .and on sunday we went to nana's house I went on the computer and I wached fgteev.and I wached on her tablit some minecraft monster school. and fgteev fnasl and some tatilletail and  for lunch we had tostes spigetei and chese and egg and ham and then we went home. I played on the xbox 360 and with my dinosaurs. and on pokemon I have lunala and I called it NEBBY. and I am up to the eleite four. and the profisaer and fill up my pokedex. and then I am going to get omegera ruby. and I have all redey got alfa sapiera and at seven o'clock i wached storks  and this morning I was exsited to come to school that there was no math whizz but ther was mathwhizz I got so mad. the end

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Screencastify shares our learning

today we used screencastifiy and made a video about a math problm 
and my math problm was 3+6=9 and we used google drawing and it was fun 

Thursday, June 1, 2017


                                          last wendsday we had a vist from attatude and this is one of four
                                          animals. like the peace maker  it keeps the peace  like if you wrere texting
                                          one of your frends and the last text you did and fall asleep they wode throw
                                          stones at your window to get your atentshin or if you forget your pencil they                                            wode give you ther pencil if you lost your lunch box or your clothers they                                                 wode give to they had nothing but ther are threre more ther will be a part                                                 two part threre part four see you in part two :)

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

blog profile

                                            yesterday we got to choose if we wantid to do a book
                                             or a newspaper  cose miss spragg and miss tayor
                                             wore on a reading corse and miss kingi and miss lang
                                              wore with the class.

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