Friday, April 5, 2019

documentary book about baryonyx

my success . my success was writing this one Because It is amazing to Write documentary book's for you Guys and Girls. the skill I have used is wring in 45 minutes if can complete in 45 minutes. writing with fire like fingers .I found challenging. to stay focus on working on them and to write them in a noisy classroom but my piers are all amazing as well as the teachers in their own next steps are. to focus on writing them and put more information on them question. tell me what do you do in your free time and do you do free write at your ya later bye 

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

drawing time

On Friday 28 march Rimu did some calm drawing.
my experience was awesome I did a great drawing.
I liked it a lot and I did it with calmness.
the whole class was calm and quiet
I felt like everyone was not disturbing
or distracting each other.I tought I loved
it. everyone was sitting down and just focusing on
thier what calms you down the shout out for today is
Nathan from hornby high school who is really awasome
because he commented on my Friday lockdown post.also enjoy and comment blog ya later

Thursday, March 28, 2019

my long write

This is my long write.
On Tusday we all in rimu did a long write.
we did it based on a girl sitting on a bench outside
all alone.But then a butterfly came but she
tried to touch it but it flew away but she made
a blue paper butterfly anyway can I get some feedback
and some inprovment points.But another free write wiil
be coming on documentary book about deinoycuhs
blog ya later.

[August 23 of september]

So it was like any other normal day but it was peculiar and  out of the blue.
I was sitting on a bench outside the hospital and a beautiful butterfly flew around me
I tried to touch the butterfly but it flew away.
Then I thought of something so I made a blue paper butterfly but a gust of wind snacet it from my
Hands like someone had taken it and threw it in the air and it landed in the tree.
I was sad and alone but then I tried to grab a flower but someone wearing black
Came and took it I was surprised so we played together.
I finally touched the butterfly so we were both happy.
But then the person left I was completely sad and lonely.
But the nurse came and took me inside for diner and have a bath.
Then I get my pjs on brush my teeth and read a book.
Then it was time for bed mrs barbra tucked me in and read a book to
Me. then as I was about to close my eyes the blue paper butterfly flew
All around the hospital and everything that was blue glowed
Even my toy blue trex  then I ran to every room in the hospital and I was
Right everything was glowing blue so I went back to my room
And it was there on the windowsill so I picked it up
And it glowed blue but it then faded so I put it with all of my school
Work and then it started to glow again so I just watched it all night till
2:00 o'clock in the morning but I went to bed and fell asleep  the end

Monday, March 25, 2019

Friday lockdown

On Friday the 15 of March we went into lockdown I was petrified.
we had to go under the desks it hurt because it was cramped.
For me it hurt I could not go all the way up without hitting my
head on the desk but mrs Wilkes and mrs Taylor made us carb breaks
and our computers and a piece of paper our pencil cases and our silent reading
books. Then I got bored but then we could go watch despicable me 2
it was cool a minon got its head stuck in a jar of jam.
It took us 3 and a half hours to go home but we then went home
I was happy we went home and I knew we were safe
Questen: what did you do when the lockdown
happened? blog ya later

Friday, March 15, 2019

the world is black and white!

I woke up one morning and the world was black and white.
"I am really missing all of the colours of the world because it makes earth amazing  because the bushes and leaves are weird looking".
"how do I change it all back". "maybe going for a walk will take
my mind off it".
" hey look its a dog can I pat it you sure can".
"hey look a button".
"HEY STOP" "who are you"
"I am the evil no colour and I took earths colour from the world".
"I am going to stop you hey ya".
"yay the colour of the world is back".
the end

Bracking news, we love learning !

Rimu loves to learn and is very curious, even me .

On Wednesday we did some sciences and learned about the digestive system and the other two things 
on the board I did the skeleton muscular system and the eyes muscle helps to close your

The purple and pink is us learning about the human body.the green 
is us asking questions and so other people can answer the questions and 
explain it to us. I found out that in our nose's their are tiny smell cells 
and my question was how do people burp.
can I have some feedback and blog ya later 

Thursday, March 14, 2019

documentary book about comsognathus

today at writing if we wrote our name on the board we had to wait  if the teachers
were busy we did a free write and I did compsognathus todays shout out is jacob
from my school he is my best friend the comsognathus is a dino who can niblle pepole
to the bone can I have some feedback and blog ya later

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